TOF Calibration Algorithm Engineer


TOF Calibration Algorithm Engineer

Address: Shenzhen

Job description:

1. Be responsible for the design and program development of TOF calibration algorithm, including random error analysis and optimization, system error calibration and compensation, etc;

2. Formulate the scheme according to the test and calibration items;

3. Locate and solve problems related to production calibration, conduct joint commissioning with module factory and carry out production introduction;

4. Design and development of image analysis algorithm for assembly and test equipment.

Job requirements:

1. Be familiar with machine vision algorithms and be able to use common libraries, such as opencv;

2. Be familiar with common platforms and hardware interfaces, such as Duxin and Hisilicon;

3. Proficient in at least one programming language, such as C + +;

4. Experience in 3D camera (TOF, structured light, binocular) development is preferred.

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