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ADS6311 Large SPAD Array dToF Chip and Module

PN: ADS6311
Code Name: Hawk

Based on Adaps Photonics' most advanced technologies of 3D-stacking and loop-based TDC design (highly sensitive SPAD is stacked on top of high-speed logic circuits), the chip integrates the three major modules of photon detection, computing and storage.

Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM)

PN: P5-A16-A0515W2X
Code Name: SiPM 1x16

PN: P5P-D0515W2X
Code Name: SiPM 1x1

ADS6303 Series Array SPAD dToF Chip and Module

PN: ADS6303
Code Name: Woodpecker

ADS6102 Series dToF Chip and Module

PN: ADS6102
Code Name: Hummering bird (Hummer)

√ Smaller Module Size
√ Easy Integration
√ Excellent distance measurement
√ Diversified applications