ADS6102 Series dToF Chip and Module

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ADS6102 Series dToF Chip and Module

PN: ADS6102
Code Name: Hummering bird (Hummer)

√ Smaller Module Size
√ Easy Integration
√ Excellent distance measurement
√ Diversified applications

ADS6102 is an integrated single-point ranging dToF chip. It is a dToF ranging product launched together with EgisTec. The measurement range is as far as 5m, and the accuracy is as high as +/-1cm. Integrating a high-sensitivity single-photon avalanche sensor array (SPAD Array) and a laser drive circuit, the module integrates a high-efficiency infrared VCSEL unit. The product adopts single 3v power supply mode without external clock or high voltage power supply. The product has built-in more than 10 patentable algorithms for dToF signal processing and flexible frame rate, range, and precision selection. It can output the distance brightness and confidence values of three targets at the same time, and provides I2C and high-speed SPI interfaces. ADS6102 is suitable for mobile phone camera focusing, close-range detection, smart home and smart industrial IoT, and other applications.

Smaller Module Size 

Size: 4.4 x 2.4 x 1.0 mm with 940 nm filter 

Inside 940nm VCSEL laser emitter 

Easy Integration 

Single power supply 3.3V 

I2C (1MHz) or SPI (50MHz) interface 

Anti-interference block on-chip: Dynamic cover glass calibration for multi-type materials

Dirt/Smudge cover glass detection and compensation

Configurable I/O ports, easy to control the sensor with interrupt signal

Multi working modes, customized with special requirements to get the lowest power

Integrate Auto Gain Control function, get the best balance between power and performance

Measure Distance

FOV / FOI: 27° / 23°

Measure Distance: Long distance mode 20 ~ 5000 mm

Measure Frequency: ≥ 120Hz with SPI interface

Distance Accuracy: Reach to millimeter level

Effective Distance: 2300 mm with 17% reflection board dark @ 94% detection rate


Distance measurements for camera autofocus (Laser Detect Autofocus - LDAF) 

Proximity detection and presence detection 

Collision avoidance

Gesture recognition