Ate Test Engineer


Ate Test Engineer

Address: Shenzhen

Job description

1. Communicate with chip R & D on chip testability design, complete product test demand analysis and formulate test plan and scheme;

2. Design CP and FT test circuits, build ATE test platform, and cooperate with manufacturers to produce load board, probe card, socket and other test hardware;

3. Develop test procedures, engineering verification and commissioning according to test specifications. Continuously analyze and optimize the test procedures to ensure that the test coverage, test stability, consistency and test time meet the expected objectives, and improve the test efficiency;

4. It is necessary to release perfect procedures and hardware to the test plant and maintain mass production procedures.

Job requirements:

1、 Bachelor degree or above in microelectronics, automation and other related majors;

2、 Have some experience in digital analog circuit and schematic design;

3、 Good C / C + + / c# programming ability;

4、 Familiar with the development and use of Jiuyuan such as S100 and Edwin such as 93k tester is preferred;

5、 CIS testing experience is preferred.

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