Senior Process Integration Engineer


Senior Process Integration Engineer

Address: Shenzhen / Shanghai

Job description:

1. Be responsible for CIS product process and specification formulation, optimize process flow, stabilize product indicators, improve yield and overall quality, and reduce production cost;

2. Be responsible for coordinating all departments to find problems in the manufacturing process, design, implement and analyze various experiments to improve product process, yield and quality;

3. Be responsible for communicating customer feedback problems to relevant teams and promoting problem solving;

4. Collect and analyze complex data such as process / test to optimize manufacturing process and improve product yield;

5. Lead the establishment or participation of cross regional engineering team to solve product problems.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above (microelectronics, materials, physics or related disciplines);

2. More than 8 years working experience in semiconductor industry (process integration and yield improvement), CIS product process experience is preferred;

3. Be familiar with semiconductor devices and processes, and have strong knowledge of semiconductor product defect analysis;

4. Have a clear understanding of chip development process and quality standards;

5. Proficient in statistical process control, with good data compilation, statistical analysis and reporting skills;

6. Good oral and written communication skills

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