Application Engineer (AE)


Application Engineer (AE)

Location: Shenzhen / Shanghai

Job description:

1. Responsible for requirements collection, system architecture definition, development, debugging and verification of various scheme development;

2. Responsible for compiling software module design documents for drivers, middleware, tools, system schemes, development boards, etc. developed based on the company's platform;

3. Responsible for coding and testing based on company drivers, middleware, tools, development boards, etc;

4. Build the system according to the product definition and complete the system indicators required by the product;

5. Develop API interface according to customer requirements and meet customer requirements

6. Responsible for preparing documents for customer support and undertaking some customer support work;

7. Complete the system test and lead the specific experimental test;

8. Build the product simulation model and predict the system performance.

9. Write system specification and chip operation manual.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Electronics / computer / automation or related;

2. Have some experience in embedded product application development, more than 2 years working experience;

3. Familiar with photoelectric system modeling (Matlab / Python / PSpice, etc.), optical simulation (Zmax / COMSOL, etc.), use and commissioning of electrical test equipment (oscilloscope / multimeter, etc.);

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