Senior optical test engineer


Senior optical test engineer

Location: Shenzhen / Shanghai

Job description:

1. Plan and execute semiconductor device testing, including but not limited to optical performance, electrical testing, reliability testing, failure analysis, etc;

2. Build optical and electrical test platform network, including but not limited to optical path construction, instrument automation control, etc;

3. Collect and analyze test data, design device parameter standards, and maintain data integrity;

4. Work with the chip design team to test and debug the chip;

5. Be responsible for the planning, supervision and management of the laboratory, and regularly maintain and calibrate instruments and equipment;

Job requirements:

1. Experience in semiconductor devices and optical testing in electronic engineering, materials science and engineering, physics or other related fields, good knowledge of semiconductor devices and processes;

2. Master degree or above, more than 4 years working experience;

3. Ability to design, develop and verify test schemes independently;

4. Experience in optical laboratory, including but not limited to photoelectric testing, optical mechanical components, testing optical path / system construction;

5. Experience in digital analog hybrid chip testing, able to find design defects and production yield risks;

6. Experience in using laboratory instruments, such as oscilloscope, voltage source meter, waveform generator, semiconductor analyzer, pulse / continuous laser, focused ion beam electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, laser beam resistance anomaly detection, etc;

7. Experience in reliability testing (vehicle regulation, consumer electronics). Experience in semiconductor device failure analysis, etc;

8. Proficient in Python, JMP, MATLAB, C / C + + or other programming languages

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