The world's leading dtof sensor

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Adaps photonics has also launched a dtof module solution based on this chip with Oufei microelectronics.

The dtof single photon imaging sensor codenamed ads3003 released by Adaps photonics this time has a physical resolution of 240 x 160, an area array size of 0.35 inches, adopts a back illuminated 3D stacking process, the measurement distance can be up to 15 m in indoor environment, 5 m in outdoor environment, and the frame rate can be up to 50FPS, which can realize the ranging accuracy and depth resolution of sub centimeter level in full range, Fully meet the needs of smart phones, AR devices, floor sweepers, smart home IOT, and industrial measurement. Adaps photonics has also launched a dtof module solution based on this chip with Oufei microelectronics.

It is reported that Adaps photonics  ads3003 is the first dtof sensor chip using 3D stacking technology in China. 3D stacking technology allows the photon detector (SPAD) part and logic circuit part of the sensor chip to be processed on two wafers respectively, and combined into a complete chip through metal hybrid bonding.
This design can make the chip obtain a larger circuit area without increasing the area, and allow the photon detector and logic circuit to adopt the most suitable process nodes respectively,
so as to achieve higher SPAD photon detection efficiency, PDE, higher resolution, lower power consumption and better comprehensive performance.

Previously, this technology was only found in the lidar scanner chip jointly developed by apple and Sony for iPad pro and iPhone 12 pro.
Adaps photonics ads3003 has exceeded the level of this chip in resolution and ranging ability.

Zang Kai, CEO of Adaps photonics , said that Adaps photonics  has invested in the research and development of 3D stacking technology for more than two years.
It is one of the few companies in the world and the only company in China that can provide mature high-performance dtof chips and overall solutions based on back illuminated 3D stacking technology.
Adaps photonics  hopes to help customers really start the leap from 2D imaging to 3D perception through this product.

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